Wait for it

I needed to write this both for myself and probably for one or two or all of you out there.

I have a problem.

I am impatient.

Does that surprise you? Maybe for some of you it does. Probably for some of you it does not. But let me say this too-

You are impatient.

Now hopefully that is not shocking. But let me tell you what I see in both myself (and maybe one or two of you out there).

It is apparent to me that most people want to be anywhere but here. In the present that is. We are always waiting for the “better” to come.

The bigger paycheck.

The smaller dress size.

The next season, when thing are assured to be better. Better than now anyways.

Did you ever ponder that you are supposed to be right here. Smack dab in the middle of what feels to be uncertainty? From what I hear from people, they know this, but they don’t embrace it. And they will be damned to change it. Because there must be something they can do. Me too y’all. I am right there with you. They change what they are doing weekly if not daily. They are unwilling to wait for it. Even when we are directly told, “these things take time.”

And sometimes I think we miss the messages we are so feverishly waiting for. The change that we are waiting for is right there. It looks different than what we are expecting. So we miss it. Let me tell you something, the change you are looking for won’t come in a package you are expecting. Nope. It won’t look a thing like it. The change you are looking for will look drastically different. Something so different that you have to learn to trust it. And that process once again takes time. It takes consistency. It takes you showing up, even when you are not sure. Because you are unsure because it is different. Which, isn’t that exactly what you were waiting for in the first place?

I don’t think I answered any questions today or have had any profound revelations. But for me that is part of the process of change. I have to get it out in written word and look at it. Be patient. Listen. Be patient. Be daring. Listen. Be patient. Pray.

Wait for it. It will be worth it.

One Reply to “Wait for it”

  1. Me too. For me, this is why I love my church’s seasons of Lent and Advent. Both are a time of waiting and preparation. 🙂


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