God heal me completely

I get all the feels here.
And contrary to what you may think, they are all good.
A deep and over whelming sense of pure gratitude and fortune. Within these walls, they know my battles and helped me through each one.
My heart fills and my eyes glisten as I think of the prayers that fill these walls.

“God heal me completely”

My finger tips are cold, my stomach aflutter, my brain doing me no favors as it battles the anxiety of facing surgery. I think of Job who found the true God in both his trials and tribulations. Finding that God and His love is forever and constant.

“God heal me completely”

The whispered hush of the walls mixed with the quiet of murmured comforts as those who dwell here today rush to find health again. But we all know here that our fate is not held in the medicines or procedures. The Harvard professors that practice here know that they are only a medium to the true healing offered only by One.

“God heal me completely”

I write this today for those of you who need to read it. You are not alone. What happened today or yesterday is not predictive of your tomorrow. Embrace in the One truth that is.

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