Fungus among us. 

That was truthfully one off the most difficult  evenings, but at the same time, it was very calming and fulfilling.  Faith and God are a very big part of this journey. I cant’t wait to share more…  but that is for a later post.

Time does keep moving and morning finally came. Remember that I told you they had stopped all my medications. The  steroids and the anti-viral, fungal and biotics. The thoughts were that this would help unmask the problem. I really felt that there was a strong chance that I had blastomycosis (a fungal infection) in combination with a possible epstein barr virus that had wiped out my immune system. While my lab work was not overwhelming in support of this, it was also not impossible. So I talked with my team and asked them to restart the anti-fungal medication. And they did. At least it was something.

There had been a lot of informal meetings about my case (Guess who’s coming to dinner),  but for the first time with this admission, little ol’ me was being presented and Vandy’s tumor board.  This is what I had been waiting for! A meeting of lots of doctors from radiology, to hematology and oncology, pathologists meet at Vandy occasionally and discuss patients. Surely somebody had seen a case like mine before and could weigh in on what it was and what we could do- surely somebody in the “Harvard of the South” a huge university would know someone who might know someone else….  “Are you sure she hasn’t traveled? Are you sure she doesn’t have malaria?” “Uh, yessss- and no.” Sigh. Nothing. 

But guess what- 48 hours after restarting the anti-fungal…. my fever was gone. I was a freakin’ GENIUS. Phooey on all of you! Common diseases occur commonly! And I would get to go home! Go back to life.  And keep my spleen!

Now what kind of blog would this be if that were true?

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