Slimming and more toned

As always, I am interesting. The complexity of my hip problem- is just that. Complex. The joint is infected, necrotic and needs to come out. With a normal person who has even a fraction of the problem, discussion of a hip replacement would happen immediately. That could not happen for me. I cannot have hardware in body because-guess what- it can harbor infection! Anything that could cause an infection would delay possibly even prevent a SCT from happening. HLH is still why we are here, I will get my SCT- so different ideas about my hip and how to control the problem were being discussed over everyone’s dinner again.

Fortunately; so very fortunately- because it means that all my doctor’s were in some element of agreement (that doesn’t always happen now does it?). I would have the girdlestone procedure. The what? Well as much as I would to say that this procedure was going to make me jump, leap and spin (see above)…. I really just hope that I can not fall over as much… and do things with my family without scaring myself. Another big component is that this dead, necrotic, festual of a hip joint needed to come out to hasten the healing process (debridement). I was not using that joint ever again and it needed to come out.  The procedure in and of itself sounds pretty brutal- well because it kind of is. The orthopedic surgeon was going to take off my femur head and saw it down to the flatter area of the femur bone. He would also “clean” the pelvic area. We need this area to be free of anything that could hold onto the infection. But as you can see- it leaves you with no hip joint at all. My leg will be about 2″ shorter that the other one and I will continue to need all the assitive devices I can get my hands on. Hopefully the weakness that I do have will continue to improve, and ultimately I will be able to walk some.

Sounds fun. But honestly, I do not have any other choices. Well, I do,  but they may not benefit me in the end. Keep focused.

So being interesting is “great.” But I think sometimes it delays my care a smidgen because the residents and such that are following me, want to see what happens. And places like surgical suites can be hard to come by… so NPO it is (no food after 12)! Over and over as we wait for things to come together.

So let me tell you a little bit about the procedure. Basically, I will no longer have a femur head. They will entirely cut that off, leaving me with a leg that is about 3″ or more shorter. You know I really need to find a different way to diet- this removing body parts cannot go on forever. Each day I will look at this step and I will get stronger. And I will conquer this.

As I finish today’s post- the procedure is complete, I am out of surgery and recovering.  I have actually stood up. It is one of the most unusual sensations ever. But I have stood up.  And I will continue to stand up. I thank my body for every step that it gave me. And looking to the forward to every step we will soon take together.




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